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Happy Valentine's day!!!
hear me out!!
I know today may be a sad one for many, but if you're spending it alone it can be a good way to focus on becoming a better person and learning to love yourself! I mean, unless you're a scumbag or a Trump-er, than go jump off a roof or something!
Hope you all have a nice VDay!
X/XX/202X: SHOP WILL BE OPENING SOON!!! NEW Designer T-Shirts for Sale! All Original Designs and Logos Coming soon to the Shop!
XX/01/202X: Life with Daisy Comic strips! (18+) (DELAYED)

If you guys have been keeping up, I've been up working on a new "Prototype" shirt! This time, featuring a punked-out version of Princess Daisy!

The design, as well as the final product came out a raging success to me! (Despite a few hiccups) With the final design, I've decided that I'll be opening my shop sooner than I was expecting! And hopefully sooner than you guys expected!
This was the turnout of the shirt design. And I LOVE the final result. But I'm thinking of opening shop soon! Only because I finally learned to SLOW THE HELL DOWN! And as my fan, I want you guys to wear my gear 1st! If things are successful, I can follow through with my plan and sell to actual shops for MORE people to see my artwork! Most likely you'll see my wares on Tspring and Etsy too!
As some of you may know, I've been talking about making Graphic Tees using my artwork. And as of late, I've finally managed to create a "Prototype Tester" Shirt!
But unfortunately, I've messed up THREE shirts trying to get this "Demon Slayer" themed Shirt right. I came close, right now I need to claim one more item to help get my accuracy right. I might be cursed or something...  
But for now, I'm just hoping that my next attempt will be the one that works! Cuz this is costing my ass a pretty penny! So for now I'm taking a break from drawing to get this "Graphic Tee" project under wraps! 
I was gonna be pissed about something all day, but I surprisingly got a customer to buy a shirt after I finish my practice shirt! So Much Love to that Person!!!

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