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The adventures of
toon linka!
Dubbed the "Hero of High Rises", Linka was
a normal island girl who would be pulled 
away from her original timeline by a goddess to fight against the darkness that threatened Hyrule from beyond the Hyrule Historia!
Oldest sibling to both Link and Aryll on Outset Island. Linka mysteriously vanished a few months before Link would begin his journey to save their Hyrule! Tomboyish and tough by nature, Linka undoubtedly takes on a duty too great for her to handle alone!

Snatcher: Detached
Three days after her encounter with a sadistic succubus, Carollotta De’Sante, a 2nd-year college student is branded with a cursed tattoo that gives her the ability to unwillingly and unknowingly detach any object without harming its original makeup! This makes for an extremely annoying time maneuvering through normal college life for her. She won’t have to endeavor this journey alone as her best friend, Alejandro Kægan, has agreed to find a way to fix her plight! And with a hint from the succubus, Carollotta may have found the way to reverse her curse!

tron bonne-dage
After her 19th birthday, Tron Bonne’s search for riches continue til one excavation injures a strange bystander. Badly injured, the bystander asks for assistance in finding a “treasure”! Piquing Tron’s interest she agrees to help find the treasure. And with a hidden agenda Tron brings the mad lad on board her family’s ship where treats his wounds til more hijinks ensue and she’s forced to go into “Plan B”!