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My religion is Hips, Lips, Nips, and Thighs.

Look, I'm no good at intros. So the best I can really do is tell you that I draw some pretty Adult shit alongside some Comics, Mangas, and Doujinshis! I haven't always drawn sexy women and Adult content, but one day drew it and somehow it worked. The rest was history.

On that note, I been drawing for 20years and only now-at 25- do I finally get the hang of this art thing. So much stuff that I didn't know about artwork that i finally started learning now XD. My website is free to view all of my content, that's it! With that being the case, I've been trying to make a living off of my talents! But for now I just need you guys and gals to like and share my content! And if you guys want to support your boy and buy some original content, you're more than welcome to if you like the stuff I create!

But if you do buy some content (Commissions, T-shirts, Mangas, etc...) my ONLY rule is: DO NOT BUY IF YOU DON'T WANT TO OR CANNOT!! I would be devastated if I found out my supporters are giving me their last few bucks just to show love!

You can show some love just by being present and viewing the art I'll be pumping out! So only buy and donate funding if you have some extra cash to blow or you feel absolutely compelled to show some love! 

So come by to enjoy the art, stay to show your boy some love!

Thanks and Much Love!


Oh! And check out my gift to you for making it this far below!

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